Dear CCGR Family,
Pastor Terry’s sermon from last Sunday stresses how important it is for us to encourage one another in being “joyful messengers of and for Christ” — “to love one another” — and to “partner with God to share our and heart in leading the world to Christ”. As scripture states, ‘like a tree that bears fruit, Christ is the vine and we are the branches bearing fruit, with God as the gardener who cares for the branches.’ We (the branches) are encouraged to continue to be nourished (through scripture) to reach out and bear fruit — or share our love for Christ with others.
We all are faced with adversities and hardships and how we respond to them impact not only those around us, but ourselves, as well. As in the Scripture reading of John 15:9-17 read to us by Stan Willey, we are encouraged that through our relationship with Jesus, we are able to more easily handle our challenges or reach out to help someone else. As Pastor Terry shares, “As we bear fruit to spread Christianity, when others see the blessings and love Christianity brings to our own lives, others who don’t know Christ will have the desire to get to know Him and have a relationship with Him.”
Click on the below link and listen once again to this very meaningful message, hoping it will inspire you to help bear fruit. Janet Montroy’s wonderful playing of “The Lord’s My Shepherd” and “I Need Thee Every Hour”, and Stephanie Beaudoin’s exquisite soprano of “The Prayer” and “The Lord’s Prayer” tie in so beautifully with Pastor Terry’s message.
(*Follow along with the below lyrics of “The Prayer”, inspiring and moving, as Stephanie shares with us in this recorded service. )
(As Always, a world of thanks to Boyd Lowry for sharing his technical talents)
“The Prayer” ‘Is a Song of Safety and Inspiration’ ~~ what our prayers are for you ~~
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As we continue to remain in our homes during this pandemic, we ask that you continue to keep each other in prayer. Please add Connie Sinkway to your prayer list (as well as Robin, Jody, Diane, & David, and all her family) . She had a fall Thursday evening of this week and fractured a vertebrae and is currently in Valley Hospital.
Additionally, please continue to pray for the Allen Family; the Bird-Bennett Family; Jeanne Franklin; the Janssen Family; the Gilligan Family (please note: the family requests that no phone calls be made at the present time to Terry G. at her home; however, sending notes and cards are appreciated); the Zucchino Family; & the Ruth Rankin Leaper Family; as well as for the Chadwick Family (for Tom’s Mother’s recuperation from the COVID virus); for Beryl Ferrari; for Bob & Doris Van Ostenbridge & for Rev. Wright and his family. Confidential prayer requests that you would like the small group Prayer Chain to pray for may be emailed to Candy Hall at candy.hallccgr@gmail.comand Donna Nihen at, and of course, Pastor Terry at (These requests will be shared only with the church small group Prayer Chain.)
Again,  please try to remember Pastor Terry’s “5 at 5” prayer suggestion — to stop what we are doing at 5:00 p.m., step outside on your porch if we are able to, and take 5 minutes to pray. And if you have children, encourage them to pray also, by writing or drawing prayers of their own, or have them use chalk to write a blessing or a special message on your sidewalk or driveway for those walking by to see.