We can help arrange any event, if desired.  Initial requests and reservations should be directed to the office of the Senior Pastor at 201-444-4625.


The sacrament of baptism is a welcome into the community of faith.  We believe in baptizing children and adults.  Since the congregation takes an active part in the baptismal service, most of the baptisms take place in the context of worship.  Parents of children baptized must either be members of the congregation or be willing to agree to the responsibilities included in the vows taken in the sacrament.  Baptisms take place upon approval of the Board of Elders.


Weddings at the Community Church of Glen Rock are considered to be services of worship.  Our sanctuary is a beautiful setting for any nuptials.  And the church has a reception hall on campus that is ideal for up to 200 guests.  All wedding requests are handled by the office of the Senior Pastor.


Funeral and Memorial services are conducted by our minister and are scheduled through the church office.  Arrangements are made in consultation with the family of the deceased.  We can help arrange a reception, if desired.


The Memorial Garden is a place of quiet beauty where church members who choose cremation may have their ashes returned to the earth.  The names of the interred are listed on a church wall plaque inside the Narthex.