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Join Our Journey: Become a Valued Member of the Community Church of Glen Rock.

Become a Member of Our Community

Joining the Community Church of Glen Rock means becoming part of a family that supports, grows, and learns from each other in faith and love.

Whether you’re finding your way back to church, seeking a new spiritual home, or exploring faith for the first time, we welcome you with open arms. Discover the steps to becoming a member and the benefits of joining our church family below.


Pledges from congregants during the fall Stewardship Campaign make it possible for Community Church to plan for the coming year. Your commitment of financial support is vital to funding the many programs that play such an important role in the life of CCGR and its members.

Why Join Us?

As members of CCGR, we share a journey of faith and fellowship, committing to support each other and our wider community. Membership is a step towards deepening your relationship with God, connecting with fellow believers, and serving together in love and faith. It’s about finding a place where you are valued, where your spiritual journey is supported, and where you can contribute your unique gifts and talents.

How to Become a Member

Becoming a member of CCGR is a simple process, reflecting our belief in an open and welcoming approach to faith:

  1. Attend a Worship Service: Experience our community first-hand by participating in our worship services. Feel the warmth, spirit, and inclusivity that define us.
  2. Meet with Our Pastor: Schedule a meeting with our pastor to discuss your spiritual journey, ask questions, and learn more about our church’s mission and values.
  3. Explore Membership Classes: Join our membership classes designed to provide a deeper understanding of our faith, church history, and the responsibilities and benefits of membership.
  4. Make Your Commitment: Membership culminates in a special ceremony during a worship service, where you’ll have the opportunity to profess your faith and commitment to the church community.



Benefits of Membership

  • Spiritual Growth: Engage in various programs and ministries that cater to different age groups and interests, promoting personal and communal spiritual development.
  • Fellowship and Support: Build meaningful relationships with fellow members who provide encouragement, support, and companionship on your spiritual journey.
  • Service Opportunities: Participate in local and global missions and outreach programs, embodying our call to serve and love our neighbors.
  • Leadership and Involvement: Take an active role in the church by joining committees, leading groups, or participating in church governance, contributing to the direction and mission of our community.

Three avenues to membership

  • If you are a member of another Christian Church, we receive you by letter of transfer.
  • If you are becoming a first time Church member, you make a profession of faith.
  • If any prior membership has long since lapsed, we can receive you by reaffirmation of faith.

​The Board of Elders receives all new members who are welcomed at a service of public worship. You can begin your journey to becoming a member by contacting our pastor.


Experience the warmth of our community and the richness of spiritual growth - join us today!

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