Dear CCGR Family,
Pastor Terry’s worship message from Pentecost Sunday (5/31), brings to life what Chris Montgomery read in 1st Corinthians 12:3-13. Rewatch and reflect on how valuable this message is — reassuring each of us that as God’s children, and as His messengers, we are each unique.    We each have been blessed with the very special gift of the Holy Spirit, thus, giving us gifts to share with others, particularly that of our faith. The Holy Spirit dwells within us and serves as our leader, guide, teacher and comforter.
 Fifty days after Jesus’ resurrection, and ten days from his ascension into heaven, the disciples finally received the gift Jesus had promised them — the ‘Helper He promised them — the Holy Spirit — who would be with be with them, and in them forever. On this day of ‘Pentecost’, God sent violent winds into the house where they were sitting, filling each disciple with the Holy Spirit. The disciples began speaking in tongues — in several languages — and they spoke to the crowd surrounding them about the miracles of Jesus, His resurrection, and all that Jesus had proclaimed that was coming to be, and the truth about God making Jesus (who they had crucified) both Lord and Christ. After witnessing the day’s events and hearing from the disciples, the ‘once unbelievers’ in the crowd then wanted God to forgive their sins, to be filled with the Holy Spirit, and was eager to spread the ‘gift’ of this news to others, and then was spread to their descendants and those following.
As our bodies have different parts that serve different functional importance to the body as a whole, we each have been given different spiritual gifts by the Holy Spirit to share with our church — to make it ‘whole’. These ‘different’ gifts are the ‘thread’ that bring unity to the church (not meant to divide people), and to use them for God’s purpose. Each of our gifts have important functions to the ‘wholeness’ of the church. No one ‘gift’ (ability, creativity, or talent) is more important than another, and they are used to serve God.
We are each given our special gifts by the spirit of God, and like the powerful wind that God sent the Holy Spirit through on Pentecost that couldn’t be controlled, it gave people life, and you couldn’t have life without it. And, like the powerful invisible wind, the Spirit of the all powerful God is with us wherever we go.
The Spirit makes God alive within us — giving us life, both physical and spiritual. Though we may not feel it, it is with us.
The Spirit energizes the love of Christ within us, giving us love, kindness, faithfulness — the virtues (like forgiveness) that help make the teachings and words of Jesus come alive in us.
The Spirit makes the church alive, spreading throughout our church family, and then leading us into our outside world of neighbors, friends, and workplaces. The Spirit is with us always, so we may be able to share the message of Jesus Christ.
The gift of the Spirit brings us together for the good of God — our common goal.  We should use the gifts we have been given and encourage others to use theirs. The more we lean on the Spirit, the more we learn and grow ourselves. God wants all these things for us, and He has given us the greatest of all gifts — the Holy Spirit to help us along the way.
Thank you, God, for the gifts shared in this service (Pastor Terry’s message, Boyd Lowry’s recording, Chris Montgomery’s reading, and Janet Montgomery’s and Rusty Obra’s wonderful music!!) How blessed we are!!
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As we continue to remain in our homes during this time — or take precautions when we do venture out —  we ask that you continue to keep each other in prayer. 
Please continue to keep the Sinkway/Emery family in your prayers. Connie continues to gain strength and is doing some better, but prayers are still appreciated, including for that of their loss of their Brother-in-law and Uncle Jack. Additionally, please continue to pray for our church members, families, and those close to us who have shared a special part of our lives — the Allen Family; the Bird-Bennett Family; Jean Franklin; the Janssen Family; the Gilligan Family (The family continues to request that no phone calls be made at the present time to Terry G. at her home; however, sending notes and cards are appreciated); the Zucchino Family; & the Ruth Rankin Leaper Family; for Beryl Ferrari; for Bob & Doris Van Ostenbridge & for Rev. Jerry Wright and his family on the passing of his wife, Kay, approximately one month ago.
At this time also, we ask our church family to keep our upcoming graduates in prayer (elementary, middle, and. high school, and college graduates. Typically, this is a time of mixed emotions, but more than ever this year as we are faced with social isolation restrictions due to COVID-19, we realize the disappointment of not being able to experience the same level of celebration as others have in the past.  We hold all our graduates in our hearts in prayer.
Confidential prayer requests that you would like the small group Prayer Chain to pray for may be emailed to Candy Hall at and Donna Nihen at, and of course, Pastor Terry at (These requests will be shared only with the church small group Prayer Chain.)
Again,  please try to remember Pastor Terry’s “5 at 5” prayer suggestion — to stop what we are doing at 5:00 p.m., step outside on your porch if we are able to, and take 5 minutes to pray. And if you have children, encourage them to pray also, by writing or drawing prayers of their own, or have them use chalk to write a blessing or a special message on your sidewalk or driveway for those walking by to see.
Church School News (Reminder) —
You may continue with the following, if you choose:
   – Sending ‘thank you’s’ to anyone who they can think of that have been of essential help (including healthcare workers) to you/them/or someone they know, during this challenging time.
Sharing a note Candy had sent to the Children & Youth:
Hello Everyone!  I hope the warmer weather is causing you all to enjoy more freedom as we spend more time outdoors.  The wind blowing through the trees, the birds and other natural sounds help me forget some of the restrictions that are being placed on my life in order to protect the common good.  I hope you’re able to spread your wings in ways that you enjoy too.
Thank you from Christian Health Care Center 
Attached please find a thank you note from the Christian Health Care Center for the masks we provided their essential workers.  Thank you to all those who participated in this caring, compassionate project!
Looking for Good News and Ways to Celebrate
The Community Church is hoping to have a celebration (probably be in early July in our parking lot)  for all our youth who are graduating – whether to middle school, high school, college or beyond to the great world outside.
We are still working out the possible logistics.
Look for an email or text from me because I will be contacting you to confirm that I have the correct information for your child.  We want to make sure we recognize everyone who will be making some transition next year.
 In the meantime, please know you are in my prayers as you and your children go through the countdown to the final days of this strange school year.
Stay well, safe and hopeful,
Please reach out to Candy ( regarding more details on Church School News.
Please continue to show your support to CCGR —
Though we cannot be together in person, we continue to be together spiritually as we face this health crisis together.  We are gifted with our weekly virtual services and continue to pray for each other. If you’re able during this unprecendented time, please remember supporting Community Church in your time of giving.
~God Bless,