A Reflection on a Year of Service

This year I, Boyd Lowry, have had the honor of recording the church services and streaming them online to the Community Church of Glen Rock congregation.  I get to experience what so many of us had long for on Sunday morning.  Janet our Director of Music selects the music and performers that I was able to live streaming to your living rooms.  The spirit of God is with us on demand, what a glorious gift.  Music has always been the most moving and emotional way of praising God.  Janet glorifies the Holy Trinity in music, words, and grace.

The Holy Spirit is forever present to keep us safe.  He will be there always within our hearts.  When we accept God into our lives and release ourselves from burdens that weigh us down, the weight is lifted from mind, body, and soul.  What does it mean to accept the Holy Trinity; Father, Son & Holy Ghost in one’s life.  God our father is above us; Jesus Christ died for us; the Holy Ghost surround us as we live our lives together in faith.  This is a remarkable gift, a gift that is hard to image.  When I am lost and confused, I pray to God and worship the Cross in the sanctuary; when I am dealing with issues each day; trying to get through the weight of life, I know I am not alone.

Christian Songs are full of emotion, imagery, and faith.  Life is not easy, and we need to be filled up by something that is greater than ourselves; we must seek out something greater.  One who is close to our hearts, and ever present.  The Holy Spirit guides us through our trials and frustrations of life.  This year has been a hard one.  One full of great loss and despair.  We struggle with the news, the pandemic, the lack of food, housing, and attendance at our churches.  Some of us find peace when we view online services.  We mediate on the word, we fill ourselves up with the beauty of the stain glass windows, the order of worship and how it is familiar to us.

Pastor Terry delivers the word of Christ from the pulpit each week.  His sermons bring the word of God into our livings rooms screens where we are safe from an invisible threat.  Interpreting God’s word in his sermons each week; to experience and walk with God is an honorable sacrifice.  Sacrifice and Service to our lord and savior reminds us why we are here.  Honoring Pastor Terry service to our congregation while sharing his journey in Christ at the pulpit helps us all.

In Service to all, I brought this streamed service using care and patience.  Prepared by our church leaders and delivered to your living rooms, computers, and phones.  What we receive is the loving arms of the Holy Spirit all around us, filling us up.  My faith has grown this year, through my daily Bible study, Christian music, and weekly Church service recordings.   In service I honor all our music professionals and Pastors.  May we all feel the arms of the Holy Spirit among us and as we grieve those we have lost, and those dreams put on hold let us glorify all that is great around us.

Boyd Lowry